Happy 2018!

Happy 2018 my friends! I hope everyone had a safe and lovely New Years. 

I am proud to announce that we will be taking part in the Winter Planner Boss Collective sale.  This will be the ONLY time this quarter that our hand dyed Leather Quills will be on sale.  We will be running our normal turn around times until 1/15.  Orders placed after 1/15 until 2/15 will have a extended turn around time of 3-4 weeks.  Don't let the 3-4 weeks scare you!  We try to get orders out as soon as we can but we want to add a buffer for a increase in order volume.  

Website Banner - Winter.png

Don't forget to check out the other shops that are participating

On another note I did a few website updates and Leather Quills are now listed by turn around time.  As turn around times change I can easily move them within categories making shopping a bit easier.  

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Happy New Year!

Mandy Jean

Welcome to The Leather Quill Shoppe 2017


2016 was a amazing year for our little shop and we could have never attained the success we did without your support and encouragement.  

In 2016 we went from cutting leather on our kitchen table to creating a full shop in our house.  A full shop the now includes a SEWING MACHINE!  That's right folks!  Pockets and stitching are coming.  Currently we are working on some original designs and modifications to our Leather Quill products.  

We are known for a rustic look with thick leather that is pliable yet soft.  All steps in our process are done by hand and we will be continuing this into 2017.  However, we do have some updated and surprises.  :)  

Updated #1-  We are no longer using leatherquill@leatherquillshoppe.com  This email service did not prove to be reliable enough so we are fully changing back to leatherquillshoppe@gmail.com  

Updated #2-  New leather options-  In 2017 we will be adding new leather options to our products.  These items will be quick ship stock only and we will not be taking custom orders on them at this time.  

Updated #3-  Pockets and stitching-  These items are coming and will be listed as quick ship.  We are working hard to have full stock in our quick ship area. 

Updated #4-  Mandy Jean will be full-time Leather Quill Shoppe in January-  Last year Brett and I both worked our full-time jobs along with the shop.  This year I am stepping away from my job as a Brand Operations Manager for a financial firm here and moving to the shop full-time.  This will hopefully help decrease our turn around time and iemail response.  

One of my big goals this year is to blog regularly and create video content on our Youtube channel.  I have some awesome ideas and content planned for this year!  

If you are not following our youtube channel you can find it HERE

 Thanks again for your support in 2016 and we look forward for a even more awesome 2017! 

Brett and Mandy Jean

P.S.  Yes this really is our height difference.  :)

NEW FEATURE! Deal of the Day!!

We added a new little feature to our shop!  Everyday we will have a product or bundle as a "Deal of the Day".  

Everyday we will pick a certain product, category or even create a new bundle deal.  Some of these deals will be one of a kind items and others will be similar to a flash sale.  To follow our Deal of the Day I suggest joining our FACEBOOK GROUP or follow us on Instagram @leatherquillshoppe  We will be notifying our friends daily via those 2 media outlets.  

Our current deal of the day is a Pocket Quill and Pen bundle!  Save $10! 

How To Order A 2 Tone Leather Quill Travelers Notebook

How to order a custom 2 tone Leather Quill Travelers Notebook. 

2 tone Leather Quill Travelers Notebook

Summer is here and so are the bright colors!  A few weeks ago we had the 2 tone option listed in the add on section of our shop.  Recently we took it off.  That doesn't mean we are not doing 2 tone, it means we need to chat with you about 2 tone before you order.  

2 tone Leather Quill Travelers Notebook

While we strive to make the perfect Leather Quill when we create a 2 tone things can happen.  What kind of things you ask?  Sometimes the dye will mix at the edges or a drop will get on the opposite side.  If either of these happen we will not remake the Leather Quill or issue a refund.  We consider that a quirk.  We would never ever send one with a giant splotch or anything we personally wouldn't carry but sometimes a dye spot can happen on them.  

If you are ok with a quirk or a little character with your Leather Quill to order a 2 tone is simple.  Email us at leatherquillshoppe@gmail.com with the product, size and colors you would like.  Also, include any add ons.  I will take a look at it and email you back with a price quote.  Once we get the go ahead I create the listing for you.  You have 24 hours to purchase the listing before it is taken down.  The reason we remove them is so someone doesn't purchase your listing.  

2 tone Leather Quill Travelers Notebook

If you have any questions regarding our 2 tone design please leave a comment or send us a email to leatherquillshoppe@gmail.com.  

We Want You! Join The Leather Quill Shoppe!

Hello Friends, 

Happy Tuesday/Monday as I like to say :)  As many of you know we had a little vacation last week and we were able to launch our new fountain pen line, release a couple Garrett Leather Quills and add a few new add on options to the ole' shop.  

Brett and I have been talking about the shop recently and how to grow.  Many of our friends know that we support artisans and try to shop small business as much as we can.  We make a effort to support others.  I know many of you feel the same.  I love it when I get emails and facebook messages connecting with our friends.  That is what makes our business awesome!  

Here is where we give back.  :)  We are looking for artisans to join our shop.  We envision The Leather Quill Shoppe as a online market for awesome and unique finds.  While our brand is very close to the planner, traveler notebook and writing community we want to expand into other markets too.  If you are reading this you know Brett and I create our handmade Traveler Notebooks called Leather Quills, have a pen line and planner accessories.  

Are you a creative mind?  Do you create an awesome product but really don't want the hassle of owning a shop?  Do you own a shop but want to expand your own business?  

We are looking for you!  We are looking for a handful of artisans to do business with and to offer their craft on our shop.  If you are interested or want more info fill out this little section below and I will personally get back with you. 

*Disclosure*  All products must be handmade.  Submitting a inquiry does not guarantee a partnership or feature.  

Name *
Are You Interested In..
Do You Currently Have a Shop or Brand?
Do You Currently Sell With Another Shop?
If yes, please let us know where

How to Use Bound Journals

How to use a bound journal? Tips and tricks for using a bound notebook.


I, Mandy Jean, am a stationary and paper addict.  I love notebooks, pens, planners, accessories and I have a rather large collection.  I heard a great quote once that said "It's not hoarding if it is organized."  When it comes to stationary and craft supplies I should have that on the sign on my studio door! 

While our Leather Quill Traveler Notebooks are very popular we also receive questions on our bound journals.  Each bound journal is one of a kind and handmade by us.  A few of our journals have lined paper and others have high quality ivory 32lb fountain pen safe paper.  The pages are stitched and ready for you.  

I've changed this blog post twice now and decided I wanted to share a few ways to use a bound journal.  While they do not have the same flexibility as a Leather Quill they still have some great uses. 

The difference between a bound journal and a Leather Quill travelers notebook is in a bound journal the pages are stitched in and not refillable.  Once you fill up a bound journal you can put it on your bookshelf and start another.  You are creating your own story. 


One of the top uses for a bound journal is to use it as a planner or bullet journal.  Journal artisans normally offer a high quality blank paper in their products but some will allow you to add inserts or different paper types.  

I use my pink journal as a Etsy shop planner.  In my journal I have my etsy shop planner printed and bound.  At the end of the year I will have a reference book to my growth, accomplishments and the start up history of my business.  

If  you are using a bound journal as a planner don't feel intimidated by the blank pages.  You can create your own inserts using your talents, add washi tape, stickers, the sky is the limit! 


One of my favorite ways to use a bound journal is as a art journal.  Art journaling is something that many people are intimidated by.  I grab my favorite mediums and start.  Normally I am journaling about my day, adding photos and just playing with different mediums.  Some days I do not journal at all.  Some days I just paint and be messy!  That is the awesome thing about a art journal.  It is yours! 

brain dump.jpg


What is brain dumping?  Brain dumping is a action where you spend time writing down all of the thoughts, tasks, ideas and everything that is buzzing around your brain.  This can help you focus, relieve stress and even be fun!! 

I brain dump or decompress every night.  I have found I fall asleep quicker and sleep better when I write everything down.  I know it is in my journal and I reference my brain dump every morning.  It is part of my routine! 


Fountain pens, handwriting, calligraphy, and hand lettering are all making a come back.  I for one have the worst handwriting.  I write quick and it looks like a combination of cursive, print with a little rush put in there.  

Lately I have been spending time practicing my handwriting and learning new styles.  When I don't feel like art journaling I will practice my techniques.  I also love testing new inks and pens.  


I feel like everyone is having webinars lately or taking a class.  Growing up one of my favorite times of the year was getting new school supplies and notebooks.  Yes, I am a OG stationary geek.  Now that I am running a business and working on personal development I wanted a "big girl" notebook.  I keep all of my webinar and class notes in one spot.  

How do you use bound journals?  If you are looking for a bound journal we have a section of journals in our shop.  Each journal we make is one of a kind and comes with fountain pen friendly paper!!  We have some beauties for sale.  Visit them  HERE.  

We also create custom journals!  Send us a email to leatherquillshoppe@gmail.com and let us know what you are looking for in your dream journal.  We can make it happen! 

Straight Edge vs Natural Edge?

One of our most frequent asked questions is "What is the difference between straight edge and a natural edge?"

We offer this option for our Wrap Leather Quills and Binders.  

NATURAL EDGE:  The natural edge look is very rustic and organic.  We use the natural edge of the leather to create that handmade worn feel.  With a natural edge no two Leather Quills will identical.  

STRAIGHT EDGE:  If you are after a more uniform modern look you would love a straight edge.  Each Leather Quill is hand cut.  

Which edge do you prefer?  I am partial to a natural edge but that Wild West straight edge pictured above makes my heart sing!!  

Interested in a Leather Quill Traveler's Notebook?  Visit our shop section and pick out your perfect one!!