How to Use Bound Journals

How to use a bound journal? Tips and tricks for using a bound notebook.


I, Mandy Jean, am a stationary and paper addict.  I love notebooks, pens, planners, accessories and I have a rather large collection.  I heard a great quote once that said "It's not hoarding if it is organized."  When it comes to stationary and craft supplies I should have that on the sign on my studio door! 

While our Leather Quill Traveler Notebooks are very popular we also receive questions on our bound journals.  Each bound journal is one of a kind and handmade by us.  A few of our journals have lined paper and others have high quality ivory 32lb fountain pen safe paper.  The pages are stitched and ready for you.  

I've changed this blog post twice now and decided I wanted to share a few ways to use a bound journal.  While they do not have the same flexibility as a Leather Quill they still have some great uses. 

The difference between a bound journal and a Leather Quill travelers notebook is in a bound journal the pages are stitched in and not refillable.  Once you fill up a bound journal you can put it on your bookshelf and start another.  You are creating your own story. 


One of the top uses for a bound journal is to use it as a planner or bullet journal.  Journal artisans normally offer a high quality blank paper in their products but some will allow you to add inserts or different paper types.  

I use my pink journal as a Etsy shop planner.  In my journal I have my etsy shop planner printed and bound.  At the end of the year I will have a reference book to my growth, accomplishments and the start up history of my business.  

If  you are using a bound journal as a planner don't feel intimidated by the blank pages.  You can create your own inserts using your talents, add washi tape, stickers, the sky is the limit! 


One of my favorite ways to use a bound journal is as a art journal.  Art journaling is something that many people are intimidated by.  I grab my favorite mediums and start.  Normally I am journaling about my day, adding photos and just playing with different mediums.  Some days I do not journal at all.  Some days I just paint and be messy!  That is the awesome thing about a art journal.  It is yours! 

brain dump.jpg


What is brain dumping?  Brain dumping is a action where you spend time writing down all of the thoughts, tasks, ideas and everything that is buzzing around your brain.  This can help you focus, relieve stress and even be fun!! 

I brain dump or decompress every night.  I have found I fall asleep quicker and sleep better when I write everything down.  I know it is in my journal and I reference my brain dump every morning.  It is part of my routine! 


Fountain pens, handwriting, calligraphy, and hand lettering are all making a come back.  I for one have the worst handwriting.  I write quick and it looks like a combination of cursive, print with a little rush put in there.  

Lately I have been spending time practicing my handwriting and learning new styles.  When I don't feel like art journaling I will practice my techniques.  I also love testing new inks and pens.  


I feel like everyone is having webinars lately or taking a class.  Growing up one of my favorite times of the year was getting new school supplies and notebooks.  Yes, I am a OG stationary geek.  Now that I am running a business and working on personal development I wanted a "big girl" notebook.  I keep all of my webinar and class notes in one spot.  

How do you use bound journals?  If you are looking for a bound journal we have a section of journals in our shop.  Each journal we make is one of a kind and comes with fountain pen friendly paper!!  We have some beauties for sale.  Visit them  HERE.  

We also create custom journals!  Send us a email to and let us know what you are looking for in your dream journal.  We can make it happen!