How To Order A 2 Tone Leather Quill Travelers Notebook

How to order a custom 2 tone Leather Quill Travelers Notebook. 

2 tone Leather Quill Travelers Notebook

Summer is here and so are the bright colors!  A few weeks ago we had the 2 tone option listed in the add on section of our shop.  Recently we took it off.  That doesn't mean we are not doing 2 tone, it means we need to chat with you about 2 tone before you order.  

2 tone Leather Quill Travelers Notebook

While we strive to make the perfect Leather Quill when we create a 2 tone things can happen.  What kind of things you ask?  Sometimes the dye will mix at the edges or a drop will get on the opposite side.  If either of these happen we will not remake the Leather Quill or issue a refund.  We consider that a quirk.  We would never ever send one with a giant splotch or anything we personally wouldn't carry but sometimes a dye spot can happen on them.  

If you are ok with a quirk or a little character with your Leather Quill to order a 2 tone is simple.  Email us at with the product, size and colors you would like.  Also, include any add ons.  I will take a look at it and email you back with a price quote.  Once we get the go ahead I create the listing for you.  You have 24 hours to purchase the listing before it is taken down.  The reason we remove them is so someone doesn't purchase your listing.  

2 tone Leather Quill Travelers Notebook

If you have any questions regarding our 2 tone design please leave a comment or send us a email to  

Straight Edge vs Natural Edge?

One of our most frequent asked questions is "What is the difference between straight edge and a natural edge?"

We offer this option for our Wrap Leather Quills and Binders.  

NATURAL EDGE:  The natural edge look is very rustic and organic.  We use the natural edge of the leather to create that handmade worn feel.  With a natural edge no two Leather Quills will identical.  

STRAIGHT EDGE:  If you are after a more uniform modern look you would love a straight edge.  Each Leather Quill is hand cut.  

Which edge do you prefer?  I am partial to a natural edge but that Wild West straight edge pictured above makes my heart sing!!  

Interested in a Leather Quill Traveler's Notebook?  Visit our shop section and pick out your perfect one!!