We Want You! Join The Leather Quill Shoppe!

Hello Friends, 

Happy Tuesday/Monday as I like to say :)  As many of you know we had a little vacation last week and we were able to launch our new fountain pen line, release a couple Garrett Leather Quills and add a few new add on options to the ole' shop.  

Brett and I have been talking about the shop recently and how to grow.  Many of our friends know that we support artisans and try to shop small business as much as we can.  We make a effort to support others.  I know many of you feel the same.  I love it when I get emails and facebook messages connecting with our friends.  That is what makes our business awesome!  

Here is where we give back.  :)  We are looking for artisans to join our shop.  We envision The Leather Quill Shoppe as a online market for awesome and unique finds.  While our brand is very close to the planner, traveler notebook and writing community we want to expand into other markets too.  If you are reading this you know Brett and I create our handmade Traveler Notebooks called Leather Quills, have a pen line and planner accessories.  

Are you a creative mind?  Do you create an awesome product but really don't want the hassle of owning a shop?  Do you own a shop but want to expand your own business?  

We are looking for you!  We are looking for a handful of artisans to do business with and to offer their craft on our shop.  If you are interested or want more info fill out this little section below and I will personally get back with you. 

*Disclosure*  All products must be handmade.  Submitting a inquiry does not guarantee a partnership or feature.  

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