Welcome to The Leather Quill Shoppe 2017


2016 was a amazing year for our little shop and we could have never attained the success we did without your support and encouragement.  

In 2016 we went from cutting leather on our kitchen table to creating a full shop in our house.  A full shop the now includes a SEWING MACHINE!  That's right folks!  Pockets and stitching are coming.  Currently we are working on some original designs and modifications to our Leather Quill products.  

We are known for a rustic look with thick leather that is pliable yet soft.  All steps in our process are done by hand and we will be continuing this into 2017.  However, we do have some updated and surprises.  :)  

Updated #1-  We are no longer using leatherquill@leatherquillshoppe.com  This email service did not prove to be reliable enough so we are fully changing back to leatherquillshoppe@gmail.com  

Updated #2-  New leather options-  In 2017 we will be adding new leather options to our products.  These items will be quick ship stock only and we will not be taking custom orders on them at this time.  

Updated #3-  Pockets and stitching-  These items are coming and will be listed as quick ship.  We are working hard to have full stock in our quick ship area. 

Updated #4-  Mandy Jean will be full-time Leather Quill Shoppe in January-  Last year Brett and I both worked our full-time jobs along with the shop.  This year I am stepping away from my job as a Brand Operations Manager for a financial firm here and moving to the shop full-time.  This will hopefully help decrease our turn around time and iemail response.  

One of my big goals this year is to blog regularly and create video content on our Youtube channel.  I have some awesome ideas and content planned for this year!  

If you are not following our youtube channel you can find it HERE

 Thanks again for your support in 2016 and we look forward for a even more awesome 2017! 

Brett and Mandy Jean

P.S.  Yes this really is our height difference.  :)