FAQ Questions - updated 8/19/19

Q: Do you offer pockets?
A: At this time we only offer pockets in our Brady leather.  Additional options are coming and will be listed on the site.  We do not take custom orders with pockets.  Watch our quick ship section too.

Q: What is no wrap, straight edge and natural edge?

A: We offer our Leather Quills in 2 styles, a traditional TN (No Wrap) and a Trifold  (Wrap).  With the trifold option you can select to have a straight edge or natural edge on the wrap. 

Q: What leather is best for a rustic feel?
A: Rustic is our specialty!  All top and full grain leather will patina with use.  Our veg tan Leather Quills will show wear well.  

Q: What leathers are water resistant?
A: Brady

Q: What Leather Quill is the most firm?
A: Brady Leather

Q: Do you have a floppy leather?
A:  We do not have a floppy leather that we use for custom orders.  Any leather we have that are floppy are made into quick ship items. 

Q: Will Pecos Leather be available again?
A: Pecos is retired.

Q: Do you have (size) available for Quick Ship?
A: We list new quick ship items daily.  

Q: Can I change or cancel my order?

A: Please view our Policy Page.  We do not accept order changes or cancelations.

Q: I am in MI on vacation.  Can I stop by?

A: Of course!  Send us over a email to leatherquillshoppe@gmail.com and we will have the doors open for you! 

Q:Will my Leather Quill have a chemical odor? 

A: We dye our Leather Quills for each order. When they arrive they are a fresh dye. All leather products will have a odor of some sort. We've never had anyone complain about a strong smell but everyones noses are a little different. If your LQ arrives with a strong leather smell let it air out for a bit. We've never had anyone complain about the smell of leather.


Q: Do you ship internationally?
Yes we do.  Please review our Policy Page for international shipping information.  We charge a flat $22 for international shipping.  International orders are shipped FIRST CLASS and do not include insurance.

Q: Can you combine shipping?
: We cannot combine orders at this time.

Q: Do you offer expedited turn around times?

A: Our turn around times are found in our listings.  We do not offer a expedited service.  If you need a item earlier please visit our Quick Ship section. 

Q: My shipping says preshipment?

A: Please give USPS 48-72 hours to update your tracking info.  We live in a very small village in Michigan with 1 postal gal. When we print the label does not mean it is the hands of USPS.  We print our labels for the daily orders and USPS picks them up at our shop.  Give USPS 48-72 hours to pick up, scan, sort and get them on the way.  

Q: My order shows a pick up scan and no updates after?

A: You will need to reach out to USPS with your tracking information.  

Q: My order shows delivered however it is not in my mailbox?

A: You will need to reach out to USPS with your tracking information.  

Please view our Policy Page regarding shipping.  We always recommend purchasing priority mail shipping as first class mail does not insure your package.   


Estimated Turn Around times

Custom Leather Quills (no branding) - 3 to 4 weeks/30 days. Sales and leather shipment arrivals could increase or decrease turn around time.

Custom Leather Quills (branding)4 to 6 weeks - Sales and leather shipment arrivals could increase or decrease turn around time.

Gems- currently removed from site

Quick Ship Items- 24-48 hours 

Custom Size/Artwork Leather Quills- We will communicate that before purchase. Turn around time will vary.

Turn around times are an estimate. We try to get orders out as quickly as we can and we want perfection.  If we need to take a extra day or so to finish a order correctly we will take the time.  If it looks like we are going to miss our window by more than 2 or 3 days we will reach out via email. 

Turn around times are full business days.