Clark Leather Quill-Oil Dyed Leather

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Clark Leather Quill-Oil Dyed Leather


The Lewis and Clark Expedition was the first American Expedition to cross the western portion of the United States.  Captain Meriwether Lewis and Second Lieutenant William Clark began their journey in may 1804.  Explore, map and establish presence was their objective.  We created the Clark Leather Quill as a Traveler Notebook for you to write your adventures. 

The Clark fits 3 Cahier size books comfortably with a little wiggle room to add extras.  The leather is a oil dyed hide 7-8oz thick.  4 bands are included.  The leather is soft, will show patina and is very sturdy.  Embossing is NOT a option on the Adventure Series. 

Each Clark Leather Quill is handmade and each piece of leather will have a different grain. Colors will vary slightly. 

Use as a notebook, planner, art journal or anything you desire. Sold without inserts. 

The Adventure Series is also limited and we will be posting stock as they are available.  

The product(s) you receive might vary slightly from the product picture due to the nature of your product(s) being 100% handmade to order.

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FAQ- Adventure Series

- Does this leather have a oil dye smell?

While we may be slightly immune to leather smells we do not feel our Adventure Series leathers have a strong oil dye smell.  If your Leather Quill arrives and you feel the smell is strong leave it to sit out in a ventilated area but never in the sun.  If there is a slight oil dye odor it will fade over time. 

Never spray perfumes on any type of leather or use essential oils.  

- Can I have my name or favorite quote embosses?

No, we cannot offer embossing options on our oil dye adventure series. 

-Will my adventure series leather be floppy?

No, we use a 6-7 oz oil dye hide that will retain shape but never be floppy.  

-Is the Adventure Series Traveler's Notebooks soft?

Yes, they are very soft in the hands and the interior has a soft feel as well.  

-  Are the Adventure Series Leather Quills squishy?

Slightly.  They are very soft in the hands and do have a squishy feel to them. 

- Can I get my Adventure Series Leather Quill in one of your 16 bright colors?

Not at this time.  While we are looking at adding additional colors we only have the deep brown at the moment.